1. Long Way 13:53
Mezzo-soprano Vocals – Kristine Jepson
Text By – Cliff Schorer

Harp Concerto
Harp – Ann Hobson Pilot
2. I. Andante Tranquillo 9:04
3. II. Lento Con Espressivo (For Salzedo) 7:30
4. III. Energico 8:44

5. Essay For Strings 10:39

Trumpet Concerto
Trumpet – Arturo Sandoval
6. I. Maestoso 7:08
7. II. Slowly 7:22
8. III. Allegro Deciso 5:47

The renowned Arturo Sandoval performs the modern, elegant Trumpet Concerto of legendary composer John Williams. Other works featured on the CD include Williams' moving Essay For Strings, and two pieces by up-and-coming composer Kevin Kaska: the Harp Concerto, a serene piece masterfully performed by Boston Symphony Orchestra harpist Ann Hobson Pilot, and A Long Way (three songs for mezzo-soprano and orchestra) powerfully delivered by Kristine Jepson.